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Roland Kehl, Graduate Engineer (University of Applied Sciences)

Founder of KEHL GmbH

About us

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Welcome to KEHL GmbH, one of the five leading companies in Europe for ground-based shoring construction.
The story of success begins in 1975. The 27-years old Willi Kehl makes his dream a reality and founds, together with his compagnon, the Lehrgerüst und Schalungsbau GmbH, located in Kirchheim unter Teck. The company grows continuously until Willi Kehl decides to take the destiny of the company into his own hands. In 1990, he founds Kehl Traggerüstbau GmbH & Co. KG. By means of technical innovations, the company is able to establish itself on the market beyond regional borders. For the first time in the industry, Willi Kehl tests the use of modular steel building elements for heavy shoring construction with great success, which results in him being able to realise large-scale projects increasingly.
In 2002, his son Roland Kehl takes over the family-owned enterprise in the second generation. As an engineer with two degrees, he expands the company and additionally founds Kehl GmbH. To this day, he executes projects all across Europe with his team of qualified employees. Kehl GmbH takes over all aspects of engineering. The customer gets everything from a single source – and if required, in several languages.
To date, the Kehl Group is fully under the private ownership of the Kehl family. 40 years of experience in building special constructions have been gained and the company has made a name for being a partner for special solutions. For the employees and steel construction, the following applies in equal measure:

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